Why are Presidents Marginal Figures in Certain Countries in Europe

In the US, and many other countries all over the world, presidents are the most important figures. They, among many other responsibilities they have, represent ...
Quincey 29/05/2020

Alexander Lukashenko – the Last Dictator of Europe

Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, has often been called the last dictator of Europe. One of the reasons for that is that he has ...
Quincey 22/04/2020


8 Most Famous Presidential Dogs

Besides famous presidents and the first ladies, there have been several famous dogs that accompanied them and spent some time in the White House. Let’s ...
Quincey 26/07/2020

8 Most Famous First Ladies in US History

Throughout history, the role of the first lady has been unfairly overlooked. However, these 8 women showed how important their role can be and by ...
Quincey 28/06/2020

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