The Controversy Over the Election of Macron – Why did Macron Win?

President Macron’s win in 2017 left many people in shock as it was one of the most unexpected wins in modern French history. One of ...
Quincey 17/02/2020

3 Biggest Post-Soviet Dictators in Europe

Europe has had its fair share of brutal dictators throughout history – Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, and Yosip Broz Tito, are just some ...
admin 27/12/2019


5 Least Known US Presidents

Throughout history, the US has had 44 presidents. A person interested in American history has probably heard of a few important names from that list ...
Quincey 31/01/2020

When Will the States See the First Female President or Another Minority President After Obama?

The list of American presidents is a long list of white men. That is until Barack Obama became president in 2008, becoming the first minority ...
Quincey 08/12/2019

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