The Efforts for Digitalization in Estonia

Before they got their independence, half of the citizens of Estonia didn’t even have a phone line, let alone open an account on Coral. It ...
Quincey 08/08/2020

Why are Presidents Marginal Figures in Certain Countries in Europe

In the US, and many other countries all over the world, presidents are the most important figures. They, among many other responsibilities they have, represent ...
Quincey 29/05/2020


President’s Salary and Perks

Being a president is not an easy job – you have to enforce laws, develop federal policies, take care of the national budget. You also ...
Quincey 02/10/2020

4 Unbelievable Myths and Conspiracy Theories About US Presidents

If there’s one topic everyone loves to talk about it is the US presidents. Especially, the myths and conspiracies about the most popular presidents. These ...
Quincey 04/09/2020

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