4 Unbelievable Myths and Conspiracy Theories About US Presidents

If there’s one topic everyone loves to talk about, it is the US presidents. Especially, the myths and conspiracies about the most popular presidents. These are usually straight-up outrageous and full of imagination, while others are a bit more believable. Let’s take a look at the 4 most popular myths and conspiracy theories about the US presidents and we’ll let you decide which ones you want to believe in. 

1. Washington Redskins can predict the next president

There is a very popular myth going around about the Washington Redskins. Namely, it is believed that they can predict the next president.

It’s very simple – if the Redskins lose, the party that currently holds office loses, and if they win, the incumbent wins as well. There is a pretty good reason why people buy into this particular myth; it did predict the president 17 times! That is enough even for us to start wondering whether there might be some truth to the story. However, it turns out that those 17 elections were a mere coincidence. In 2004, the Redskins lost and President George W. Bush won his second term. 

2. Sarah Palin isn’t Trig mother

Another pretty popular myth is that Sarah Palin isn’t Trig’s real mother. This one is so popular that there are even people who call themselves Trig Truthers and whose aim is to prove that Trig isn’t Sarah’s son. Some people claim that there are photos of Sarah with a flat stomach right before she gave birth, which does seem suspicious indeed. But then again there are photos of her where you can clearly see that she is pregnant. Trig Truthers also believed that Sarah’s daughter Bristol is Trig’s real mother; however, this was revealed false when Bristol gave birth to her own baby several months later. 

3.  The September 11 attacks were planned by the US government

There are numerous conspiracies and rumors surrounding 9/11, all wanting to find out what really happened that day. Some believe that the attacks were planned by the US government and not by foreign terrorists. But why would the government attack their own country in such a terrible and deadly way? Well, one reason could be that they were looking for a reason to start a war in the Middle East. This conspiracy has been around for years and even though it has been debunked several times, it just can’t seem to go away. 

4. Lee Harvey Oswald had help in the JFK assassination

Ever since John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, people have been spreading rumors and their own theories about who the killer could be. Even though Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the murder of the president, people were not completely satisfied with that result. Many still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald just found himself in the middle of a conspiracy and that the story is much bigger than we think. Others believe that it was  Lee Harvey Oswald who killed JFK but that he wasn’t working alone and that he was nothing more than CIA’s or KGB’s puppet. What do you think about this?