How Is Joe Biden Doing so Far?

For a president who spent much of his career as a senator, Biden has generally had high approval ratings and low disapproval ratings, which makes it hard to gauge where he stands among voters. That said, there are some important indicators of how Americans feel about their leader.

Approval rating

Biden’s approval rating is already better than Trump’s ever was.
This might not be a surprise, but it should be noted: Biden’s approval rating is better than Trump’s ever was. As of late April, Biden had an average approval rating of 49%, compared with just 37% for Trump in May of 2019. This gave him the leg up he needed to win against the former president and to secure his victory with the American people.

Public trust

Trust is a major issue for the public, and low trust in Trump was one of the main reasons he lost the election in 2020. Even though Biden has been criticized for being too old (and for his long-standing support of non-interventionist foreign policy), his public trust level is higher than Trump’s and also higher than the average for presidential candidates. This is a very significant factor for a president, as it allows for him to make changes with little to no threat of public backlash or harsh criticism.

COVID plan

Nearly three-quarters of Americans support Biden’s initial COVID-19 relief plan. In fact, nearly two-thirds say they’d like him to remain president.

Biden’s plan includes a combination of proactive measures and reactive ones. The former include increased funding for research and development, infrastructure improvements to strengthen the country against potential pandemic outbreaks (like increased supplies of protective suits), as well as building up stockpiles of antiviral medications and vaccines in order to ensure there is enough medication available during an outbreak. The latter include encouraging Americans to maintain their health by exercising regularly, eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep; having backup plans for emergency situations like hurricanes; staying away from areas where there is a high risk of contracting COVID-19; etc.


In short, Joe Biden is off to a great start. His approval ratings are already higher than Donald Trump’s at this point in his presidency and he’s seen as more trustworthy by the public. He also has an advantage over Trump in that he inherited a strong economy from his predecessor, which means that economic woes won’t be weighing down voters’ views of him like they did with his Republican predecessor. Finally, climate change rose in importance among voters during the 2020 campaign and everybody is banking on Biden acting on it as soon as possible – something which we’ve yet to see any other president do!