Xi Jinping – the Father of the Modern Chinese Economy

The current president of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, was named the world’s most powerful person. Who is Xi Jinping and how did he succeed in reforming the Chinese economy in only a couple of years? If you are curious to know more about how 50 Free Spins Thunderstruck No Deposit works, well, sorry, we cannot help. But if you want to learn about one of the most successful leaders of today, keep on reading.

Who is Xi Jinping?

Xi Jinping is a Chinese politician who is currently holding the position of the 7th president of the People’s Republic of China. Today, he is one of the most celebrated leaders of the world as well as the best reformer of our modern times. He is also one of the most popular people in China and more than 22 percent of people say that he is the person they admire the most. To see how Mr. Xi got to be so popular, it might be good to find out more about his early life. 

Mr. Xi’s early life 

Xi Jinping was born in Beijing in 1953. When he was only 16 years old, he, and millions of other children, were sent off to rural areas. That was a very turbulent period for China, and the plan was to have farmers re-educate the children. This generation was forced to grow up very quickly and become independent faster than the previous ones. Growing up in such tough conditions probably contributed to building Mr. Xi’s strong mindset and determination. 

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Political life

He began his career in 1973 by joining the Communist Party. During the next two decades, he exhibited his skilfulness and great leadership which quickly prompted him to the top of the political ladder. He also accomplished one of his dreams of having all three leadership titles: head of the Communist Party, military and state. The first changes started as soon as Mr. Xi became president in 2013 – he began a long anti-corruption campaign which resulted in 23 high-profile people being detained. However, his probably biggest accomplishment so far has to be the economic reform. 

The economic reform

 The economic reform President Xi began is threefold. The first part aims at limiting the role of the government and drawing a line between it and the market; however, the goals of this Comprehensively Deepening Reform aren’t completely known yet. The second part is the Promotion of New Type of Urbanization which is, as its name suggests, a plan for the urbanization of the country. The Innovation of Macro-Control is the final part of this economic reform and it is given the most priority. All of these changes are implemented at the same time, as all of them carry the same importance for the improvement of the Chinese economy and thus the prosperity of the country. 

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The results of president Xi’s reforms have been evident from the start, but they reached their full potential in the past couple of years. In 2017 the growth reached unbelievable 6.9 percent and the average income went up by 7.4 percent. Moreover, there are 70 million new jobs and the middle class just keeps growing every day. A lot of migrant workers is now a part of the middle class, which is not something many countries could say for themselves. All of this has earned Xi Jinping fame all around the world and he is known today as the father of the modern Chinese economy, as well as the man who has inspired the nation.